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Service_AreaMy Pest Control offers a wide range of tailored termite and pest management solutions south of the Brisbane River to Upper Coomera.

We use the latest methods and techniques to provide you with safe and effective treatments.

The pesticides we use are ultra-safe, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. We only use the highest quality branded termiticides and pesticides. They are odourless and you will not have to vacate your property for days waiting for the smell to go away.

We hold full Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licensing (Lic No. 1163812), Queensland Health Pest Management Technician Licensing (PMT Lic No. 13785) and General and Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We can find solutions to your current pest problems and offer advice to ensure pest problems do not arise in the future.

General Pest Control

At My Pest Control we use an integrated approach to pest management (IPM).

redback spider, pest management brisbaneIPM is a broad approach to pest control that focuses on addressing the reason that the pest problem exists rather than on just the pest itself.

It is important to understand that IPM deals with pest populations, not individual pests.

Each pest management situation is different and has its unique solution.

The first thing we do is conduct an inspection of the site in order to determine the pest(s) causing your problem, the extent of the infestation, and the reasons for the problem.

We use this information, along with information you provide us, to formulate a pest control plan to solve your problem.

We use reduced risk pest management strategies which include sanitation, physical control/ exclusion and the use of pesticides.

Some of these strategies may be your responsibility to complete-others will be ours.

Our goal is to solve your pest management problem while minimizing the risks to you, your family and the environment.

There are three main elements to this approach:

1.Cultural Control

Here’s where you play a big role.If you make your home attractive to pests then chances are they will come!

Would they see your house as a permanent source of food, shelter and moisture?

Do you leave crumbs on the floor and food out on benches overnight?

Do you leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight?

Poor hygiene and sanitation habits offer the ideal environment for pests. After all they are constantly searching for food so if you leave food out for them they will find it very attractive.

Many people have pets and many people leave food out for them all day-if you were an ant wouldn’t you find that an easy meal?

Similarly a German Cockroach will find a dirty kitchen extremely attractive. Couple this with a lack of suitable residual pesticide and you have a recipe for disaster.

2.Physical Control

Again this is where you can play a role.

If you have a rodent problem for example and you know they are entering your home in a certain location-then you should block/fill up that hole/gap.

Pests are devious little creatures but why make it easy for them?

Do you have fly screens on every door and window?

Do you check firewood and toys/furniture before bringing it into your house?

Do you have any overhanging branches or vines touching the sides of your house?

Is the yard clear of food and rubbish that might be attractive to pests?

Are weep holes visible? Consider installing Pest Stoppa’s.

Are there any items under the house that could attract pests?

Have you blocked birds from entering your roof cavity and nesting?

Have you installed Pest Stoppa’s in your weep holes?

3.Chemical Control

Once the Cultural and Physical control methods have been implemented a residual insecticide program should then be implemented.

When pests enter your property as they inevitably do from time to time you need some residual insecticide present to ensure they do not “set up” home in your house.

Through careful placement and the judicious use of AVPMA approved pesticides a pest will pick up enough active ingredient and eventually crawl away and die.

Because today’s pesticides have very low toxicity and are safe for you the customer and the environment they are less “persistent”-that is they do not last as long. To maintain year round protection your pest treatment should be carried out more regularly.

General Pest Treatment

Our General Pest Treatment for Cockroaches, Silverfish and Spiders is safe, effective and extremely thorough and covers the following areas:-

• all living & bedroom areas
• foyers, entrance ways
• kitchen & laundry
• bathrooms
• storage areas & cupboards
• roof void
• sub-floor area
• kitchen appliances


• Building perimeter
• eaves & guttering including down-pipes• window frames
• pergola and BBQ area
• sheds and outdoor garden furniture
• clothes line, garbage bins, letterbox
• children’s cubby-houses & play equipment

The treatment may include the use of baits, gels, monitors, traps, liquid spray, dusting.

Treatment follows the following format:

1. Pre inspection of site and discussion with client any immediate concerns they may have.
2. Risk Analysis. Client is advised about any items/situations that may impede a safe and effective treatment e.g. the removal of children’s toys, pets, pet food etc.
3. Treatment performed as above.
4. Site restoration
5. Post treatment de brief with client. Any potential concerns that need to be monitored are discussed.

Price Guide

General Pest Treatment for Cockroaches,Silverfish and Spiders is $198 for a one level average 3/4 bedroom house.


12 months internally. 3 months externally.

Specialised Treatments

End of Lease Pest Treatments

Specialising in end of lease treatments for vacating tenants. Click here for more info.

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Termite Inspections Brisbane

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In severe cases it can take as little as 3 months for a colony to severely damage the timber in a home.

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Termite Treatments Brisbane

We are required to perform our termite treatments which include treated zone installations and termite baiting programs in accordance with the Australian Standards, manufacturer’s instructions, product labels and our insurers’ directives.

This ensures that we achieve effective outcomes whilst complying with the Standards and our Duty of Care to you the client.

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